Saturday, July 28, 2012

A survey of inspiration

I’ve spent a lot of time the past year or two to researching inspiring or game-changing ideas and innovations in the classroom. Mapping them all out has helped me inductively conclude what sort of things apparently have been fascinating and inspiring me in K-12 education:
  • Project-based or inquiry-based learning
  • Environmental education/ experiences
  • Open source/ free educational content
  • Innovation incubators
  • Individually paced learning
  • Systems for communication between teachers and students
  • Professional learning and classroom management systems for teachers
  • Research and policy for school improvement
I also had a ninth category, called
  • Wow!!
In this category, I saw that I was putting initiatives built around authentic project-based learning, where students recognize a need in the actual world, analyze it, and interact with it—especially the ones related to conservation or the environment.

I don’t have an E for environment or C for conservation in my blog-acronym. Blogcronym. But I consider experiencing and interacting with the natural world a matter of relevance. And Necessity. N.E.A.R. to the Ground? That works, too.

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