Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A brief break from outdoor learning to present: HEAR Chicago Talk!

I am putting together a forum where people can share ideas about reaching folks and teaching folks. Click on the tab labeled HEAR Chicago Talk: Coming In June! to learn more...and possibly to help. I am looking for:
  • A venue: A low-key bar or cafĂ© with a designated performance space would be ideal. The venue should be fairly central (near north or near south side of Chicago), accessible by public transportation, and comfortable and welcoming for people of all backgrounds and ages. Please comment or email me (hear.k12@gmail.com) for suggestions, contacts, or offers.
  • Presenters! Here's the prompt (modeled after Pecha Kucha): 
     In twenty slides of twenty seconds each, present something you’ve done or seen that has inspired you or others.
  • Audience! Tell all your friends about it! Keep checking the HEAR Chicago tab for more developments!

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