Monday, May 13, 2013

This Week is Urban Biodiversity Week!

Here in the Chicago area, we're surrounded by nature--marshes, prairies, and dunes full of birds, frogs, butterflies, and other fauna. This week is National Urban Biodiversity Week,
a seven-city collaboration to bring urban dwellers into contact with local flora and fauna. Urban Biodiversity Week will showcase events in the Millennium Reserve: Calumet Core area. It will celebrate urban biodiversity and conservation activities and will provide opportunities for local residents and visitors to participate in outdoor activities in the Calumet region.
Here's where that quote came from, plus a lot more information. Check out the calendar of events here and choose a guided hike, tour, or volunteer opportunity. There are events for children and adults.

Today I'm going on a tour of Hegewisch Marsh. It's sunny and fresh out! I'm looking forward to it. Nice, after I spent a cold, wet, gusty San Francisco-style Saturday morning at a Chicago River cleanup.

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