Tuesday, April 22, 2014

H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk: May 20

Finally! May 20 is the next H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk. I promised one in January and, what with moving house and job adjustments and holiday shenanigans and relentless polar vortices, it didn't happen. But  it's blooming now, along with the much anticipated plant shoots and tree buds.

Next event:

Tuesday, May 20

7:00pm sharp (doors 6:00)

The Map Room
1949 N. Hoyne

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H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk: coming May 20
Be heard. Be inspired. Have a beer.
H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk is a social hour and idea exchange, featuring brief grassroots presentations on topics related to teaching and learning of all kinds.

A question-based structure
Collaborate on complex problems
Presenters start with a tough question about teaching or learning that they've been chewing on. Over six minutes, they present an inspiring way they've responded or seen someone else respond. They end with a new chewy question for their listeners, who in turn ask their own questions about the idea.

A diversity of attendees
Connect with resourceful folks in a variety of fields.
Past presenters include classroom teachers, veterans, peace activists, and artists. Past beginning/ending questions include:
  • How do we interrupt youth violence...and to what extent can do stress management tools prepare kids to be global citizens? (Yoli Maya Yeh, June 2013)
  • How do we get more veterans to value books as much as guns...and how can we measure positive impact?(Don Whitfield, September 2013)
  • How do we teach students to be free thinkers...and how free can they really become within a school year?(Dennis Anthony Kass, September 2013)

An innovative Chicago
Be a part of it!
The goal of H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk is to foster discussion and connections among resourceful folks in a variety of disciplines. Anyone is welcome to attend, and anyone is welcome to submit a presentation idea for consideration (in advance--this is not an open mic).

Mark your calendar...and pass it on!

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