Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wild Things Conference this past Saturday, and Chi Talk's wonderful partners this round!

Last Saturday was the biennial Wild Things conference, an incredible gathering of regional conservation/ecology/wildlife professionals and volunteers. I live-tweeted throughout the day, and many others did, too--check out #wildthings2015 (and click to "view all tweets" and not just top tweets) for a pretty good overview of the impressions and topics of the day. You can learn more about Saturday's awesomeness in a more comprehensive way on their website.

One hot topic was Educating Our Future Conservation Leaders--the very subject of our next H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk! (That's February 24, y'all, at a bar with a fireplace.) I'm very excited to be partnering with Chicago Wilderness for this round. I mean, like, very excited. VERY EXCITED! Chicagoland natural areas are my happy place, and the educational possibilities of nature my greatest professional interest.

I'm also partnering once more with the fantastic Educelerate, a networking forum for people interested in innovation in education. Their primary interest is the tech side of things, but Educelerate's founder, Chris Nyren, as well as participating "Educelerants" have been incredibly great in their open minds and enthusiastic interest in H.e.a.r. Chicago Talk topics. Thank you, Educelerate!

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